I recently wrote a guest article for Healthcare Strategy Alert titled “Online Conversations: From Understanding (Through Analysis) to Action and Success”. It’s an overview with concepts from a presentation I’ll be giving in two weeks at the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (#HMPS16).

We can very easily use social analytics to better understand and thus reach different healthcare audiences (the examples in the article are from the diabetes space, but this is really applicable to any therapeutic area). We can analyze who physicians are speaking with – and what they’re discussing; we can also get insight into patients’ public conversations and their conversational networks to see if they are talking to other patients, healthcare providers, industry organizations, or others. This data can lead to us draw insights about what type of content may be relevant (information vs. engagement), and where different audiences are looking for resources. The end result? Improved content, engagement, and relationships with the communities you’re engaging with. 

Take a look at the article below, and I’d love your feedback – let us know what other therapeutic areas and communities you might be interested in learning more about.