One of the trends we’ve seen accelerating rapidly over the past year is to see physicians increasingly driving and policing the news about health and healthcare. That’s happening not only  through the media channels they’ve built on their own (their blogs, twitter accounts, etc.) but also because smart journalists have begun to look closely to the online physician as a source (or validation) of the most important health stories. For more information about this phenomenon, see our white paper on the subject (Missing the Forest for the Trees).

That trend was borne out yet again at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago this week. Below we’ve mapped out all of the physician to media and media to physician connections under the #ASCO15 hashtag:

It’s certainly no surprise to see journalists like Matthew Herper and Liz Szabo near the center of that chart … but it’s also great to see people who may be less well known, but have built a fantastic reputation for telling the stories that are most important inside our industry. People like Paul Tunnah and Eve Harris, for example.

Learn more about the hidden evolution of the online health ecosystem from the 3rd annual addition of the MDigitalLife Social Oncology Project Report: