Your audience is ready to tell you everything you need to know. Are you ready to listen?
Bob Pearson, President & Chief Innovation Officer, W2O Group

What Bob’s saying there seems pretty simple, but it’s actually quite profound. What he’s stating is the central premise around the W2O Group’s approach to audience architecture (which we’ve been exploring for the past 3 years on the MDigitalLife team). The premise is this: It’s possible to know potential audiences not just by what they do in your store or in your hospital or with your product, but by who they are online.

Earlier this year, our team (led by brilliant colleagues Colleen Hartman and Andy Boothe) worked with the Good Scout Group to publish a report called “Decoding the Cancer Center Constituent.” In it, we analyzed the online followers of all the US’ Comprehensive Cancer Centers to discern patterns in their online behavior.

A leader in one of those cancer centers (MD Anderson Cancer Center), DeDe DeStefano, spoke to a packed house in Austin this past March about why that’s so important. Check it out here: