Who hasn’t seen this news, about the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland?

Since the story broke on Jan. 6, doctors have shared over 4,000 links to other articles and sites when they use any #measles hashtag. The most-shared article by U.S. doctors between Jan. 6 and Feb. 19 was penned by the American Academy of Pediatrics (shared 66 times by 44 doctors).

The headlines from Jan. 7 and 8 told an increasingly serious story about America’s vaccine civil war — a story that was to explode in the weeks ahead, and in some cases change physician practice. We’ve come to expect that kind of story to be uncovered by a major news network with expertly trained, experienced reporters. And it was, of course.

But it wasn’t a reporter who broke the story about the connection between Disneyland and the measles…

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