exponential-medicineArtificial intelligence. Virtual reality. Genomics. Robotics. At the 2015 Exponential Medicine conference (#XMed), taking place November 9-12 in San Diego, CA, what were once next-gen health tech topics have moved beyond discussion to execution in action, making a marked impact in medicine and across today’s healthcare ecosystem.

As an Exponential Medicine conference strategic partner, W2O has a front row seat to the impactful session content and exciting onsite action. What better opportunity to take an in-depth look at the industry’s leading social influencers participating in conversations on some of the key themes featured in this year’s program? Who is impacting the personalized medicine discussion on Twitter? What about digital health and machine learning?

Using the seven categories below (featured at #XMed), we pulled social posts over the last 12 months using our proprietary MDigitalLife Online Global Health Ecosystem database that included basic keywords associated with each topic. Then, looking at the Reach, Relevance and Resonance of the posts from each author, we ranked those authors ability to drive online conversation and interest in the topic.

As you’ll see below, some of the featured social superstars are not only driving the conversation in one critical category, but many, or even across the board. Speaking faculty member Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., otherwise known as @HealthcareWen, is the medical director for complex care management at North Shore-LIJ Health System — and a Twitter XMed topic rock star — making the top 25 list for six of the seven categories below. Impressively making six of the seven categories is  Medicast co-founder, Sahba Ferdowsi, D.O..

Included on five of the seven featured topic lists is founder of Webicina.com and author of The Medical Futurist, Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., the first surgeon to use Google Glass during live surgery, Rafael Grossmann, M.D. (@ZGJR), co-founder and COO of ReelDx, Nick Adkins (@nickreeldx), as well as digital health evangelist John Nosta (@JohnNosta), who is also NOSTALAB president and a Google Health Advisory Board member.

And as one of the top influencers in each of the seven categories below, founding executive director and faculty chair of medicine at Singularity University, Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D. (@daniel_kraft), is making a mark across all categories. Similarly, Scripps Health cardiologist, chief academic officer and genomics professor, Eric Topol (@EricTopol), is influential across each of the seven highlighted topics (though not always in the top 10), as is co-moderator, physician and blogger for the #HCLDR Twitter community, Bernadette Keefe (@nxtstop1) and digital health mogul Paul Sonnier (@Paul_Sonnier).

Take a look below to see who else is leading the conversational charge across today’s transformational healthcare topics and be sure to connect with these folks in both the Twittersphere and onsite! Those names marked with a single asterisk(*) are Faculty and double asterisk (**) are Participants.

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Artificial Intelligence Influencers: Individuals
1. Rafael J Grossmann, M.D., @ZGJR*
2. Eric J. Topol, M.D., @EricTopol
3. Sahba Ferdowsi, D.O., @DrFerdowsi
4. Ashish Dhawad, @mybravetweet
5. Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., @Berci
6. Bernadette Keefe, M.D., @nxtstop1
7. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
8. Nick van Terheyden, M.D., @drnic1**
9. Paul_Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier
10. Nick Adkins, @nickreeldx**

19. Andrew Richards, @andrewreeldx**
21. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*
25. Ruth Ann Crystal, M.D., @CatchTheBaby**

Virtual Reality Influencers: Individuals
1. Rafael J Grossmann, M.D., @ZGJR*
2. Christian Assad-Kottner, M.D., @ChristianAssad
3. Paul Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier
4. Shafi Ahmed, @ShafiAhmed5*
5. Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., @Berci
6. Cynthia A Shelby-Lane, M.D., @shelbylaneMD
7. Ashish Dhawad, @mybravetweet
8. Dan Coles, @ozsilverfox
9. Edward Miller, @TweetEdMiller**
10. Leslie A. Saxon, M.D., @DrLeslieSaxon*

14. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*
17. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
20. Arshya Barati Namin Vahabzadeh, M.D., @VahabzadehMD*
22. Nick Adkins, @nickreeldx**

Personalized Medicine Influencers: Individuals
1. Robert West, Ph.D., @westr
2. Michael Alan Thompson, M.D., Ph.D., @mtmdphd
3. Francis S. Collins, @NIHDirector
4. Dr. Thomas Wilckens, @Thomas_Wilckens
5. Eric J. Topol, M.D., @EricTopol
6. Donna Young Scrip, @DonnaDC
7. Matthew Herper, @matthewherper
8. H. Jack West, M.D., @JackWestMD
9. Ron Winslow, @ronwinslow
10. Kevin Y Pho, M.D,.@ kevinmd

14. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
15. Atul Butte, @atulbutte*
20. Steven G Eisenberg, D.O., @Drseisenberg*
23. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*

Digital Health Influencers: Individuals
1. Paul Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier
2. John Nosta, @JohnNosta
3. Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., @Berci
4. Eric J. Topol, M.D., @EricTopol
5. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
6. Ashish Dhawad, @mybravetweet
7. Rafael J Grossmann, M.D., @ZGJR*
8. Vishal Panchal, @vishalpanchal85
9. Cherie Albert, @DrDave01
10. Bernadette Keefe, M.D., @nxtstop1

14. Nick Adkins, @nickreeldx**
17. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*
21. Arshya Barati Namin Vahabzadeh, M.D., @VahabzadehMD*
22. Atul Butte, @atulbutte*

Machine Learning Influencers: Individuals
1. Jason E Moore, @moorejh
2. Dr. Thomas Wilckens, @Thomas_Wilckens
3. Eric J. Topol, M.D., @EricTopol
4. Jeremy Howard, @Jeremyphoward*
5. Paco Ramon, @pacoramon
6. Minang Turakhia, @leftbundle
7. Bernadette Keefe, M.D., @nxtstop1
8. Manuel Ramos Casals, @ramos_casals
9. Vishal Panchal, @vishalpanchal85
10. Richard Duszak, M.D., @RichDuszak

15. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*
19. Rafael J Grossmann, M.D., @ZGJR*
22. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
24. Nick Adkins, @nickreeldx**

Genomics Influencers: Individuals
1. Eric J. Topol, M.D., @EricTopol
2. Matthew Herper, @matthewherper
3. Bernadette Keefe, M.D., @nxtstop1
4. Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., @Berci
5. Merrilee Fullerton, @doctorfullerton
6. Carl Zimmer, @carlzimmer
7. Shane McKee, @shanemuk
8. Robert West, Ph.D., @westr
9. Paul Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier
10. Francis S. Collins, @NIHDirector

22. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
23. John Belmont, Ph.D., @jwbelmon
24. Andre Picard, @picardonhealth
25. Deepak K Chopra, @DeepakChopra

Robotics Influencers: Individuals
1. Rafael J Grossmann, M.D., @ZGJR*
2. Bernadette Keefe, M.D., @nxtstop1
3. Berci Mesko, M.D., Ph.D., @Berci
4. Cynthia A Shelby-Lane, M.D., @shelbylaneMD
5. Paul Sonnier, @Paul_Sonnier
6. Richard F Vaughn, M.D., @rvaughnmd
7. Nathan Seth Trueger, @MDaware
8. Daniel Lewis Kraft, M.D., @daniel_kraft*
9. Sahba Ferdowsi, D.O., @DrFerdowsi
10. Wen Chang Dombrowski, M.D., @HealthcareWen*

18. Ruth Ann Crystal, M.D., @CatchTheBaby**
23. Nick Adkins, @nickreeldx**

*Exponential Medicine Faculty
**Exponential Medicine Attendee