Yesterday we released a list of the Top 10 Hematologists Most Followed by US Hematologists. To follow that up we dug a bit deeper and identified the Top 10 US Hematologists & Top 10 ExUS (Non-US Global) Hematologists as followed by a random sample of 700 Global Hematologists.

We can’t stand all of the top 100 lists that are released without any true quantitative backing behind their rankings so our list is solely based on these Hematologists twitter following among their global Hematology peers. We arent picking these top Hematologists, their peers are picking them by deeming them worthy of a follow on Twitter. Without further ado, here is the list of the Top 10 ExUS & US Hematologists:

Top ExUS Hematologists


You will notice that Dr. Mohty is by far the most followed ExUS Hematologist with 23% of Global Hematologists following him and 32% of ExUS Hematologists following him. Dr. Mohty is extremely active in the hematology twitter conversation as evidenced by being in the top 10 of #ASH16 tweets and mentions and is well respected among his peers. The ExUS list is also quite geographically diverse with representation from France, England, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Ireland. And one caveat, Dr. Hultcrantz is currently doing a research fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering but we considered her to be an ExUS Hematologist since she received her degree from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden and according to LinkedIn is still affiliated with the hospital.

Top US Hematologists


Top US Hematologists

The list of US Hematologists followed by global Hematologists had very little variation from the list of the Top 10 Hematologists Most Followed by US Hematologists which Greg shared yesterday. A few items to note include Dr. Rajkumar moving to 3rd and Dr. Perales moving to 4th on the list. This was due to Dr. Rajkumar’s slightly larger following among ExUS Hematologists, but the difference was mere percentage points. Other movements included Dr. Orlowski up to 6th, Dr. Giralt up to 7th and Dr. Vose down to 8th. Dr. Vose’s drop was due to her smaller following among ExUS docs in comparison to the others in the top 10. And lastly we saw Dr. Komanduri and Dr. Lonial switch places due to Dr. Komanduri having a small edge in ExUS Hematologist followers which pushed him ahead by 1 total Hematologist follower.

(An update was made to this blog to replace Dr. Richard Schilsky with Dr. Sagar Lonial)