Physicians and the Media at ASCO15

One of the trends we've seen accelerating rapidly over the past year is to see physicians increasingly driving and policing the news about health and healthcare. That's happening not only  through [...]

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The Social Oncology Project 2015: Understanding the Ecosystem

Starting in 2013, my colleagues and I have published an annual report called The Social Oncology Project. The past two years, we have looked across all digital communications and surfaced [...]

Patients and advocacy organizations at the heart of #LCSM

It’s lung cancer awareness month and physicians, patients, caregivers and advocacy groups are coming online en masse to raise awareness for the number 1 cancer killer. Actually, they’ve been here [...]

ASCO through the eyes of the world’s physicians

After working for the past 18 months to grow the MDigitalLife database to over 240,000 US physicians with a mapped digital footprint, our team is ready for the next evolution. [...]