GUEST POST: The Rise of Digital Health at SXSW

The MDigitalLife team is hurriedly preparing for SXSW to roll into Austin this week and take over our lovely city. The influx of tech luminaries and industry disruptors always invigorates our [...]

Diagnosing the Online Zika Outbreak

(This blog was co-published on The recent Zika infection of 14 people in a Florida community near Miami – the first case of U.S. transmission from local mosquitoes – has [...]

Introducing the MDigitalLife Snapshot: personalized insights into the online health ecosystem

It’s one thing to know how many followers you have, but how many doctors, patients, or hospitals follow you? Do you know what your healthcare network looks like, and when [...]

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Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – their Physician peers

This is the 3rd of 4 posts in our updated series - Who doctors ACTUALLY follow, 2016 edition. The first two posts can be found here: Who doctors ACTUALLY follow [...]

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Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – The Reporters

***UPDATE: This post has been updated to include a graphic showing the top 10 journalists followed by US doctors; it's below.*** Last Friday I introduced the updated version of our "Who [...]

Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – February 2016

Readers of this blog are already familiar with my disdain for unscientifically generated "top 100" style lists (except when I'm on them, of course). So in the spring of 2014, [...]

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The Evolution of ASH – Measuring the Strength of Online Networks

Over the last three years we at MDigitalLife have been evolving the way we analyze online conversations about health. Initially, our focus was primarily on topical analysis – and that’s [...]

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