It’s one thing to know how many followers you have, but how many doctors, patients, or hospitals follow you? Do you know what your healthcare network looks like, and when they’ve been talking about the topics that matter to you (diabetes, zika, or health policy)?

For this year’s SXSW® Interactive conference, we’ve created MDigitalLife Snapshot: a tool to help people understand how they fit into the online health ecosystem based on who they’re connected to and what topics they care about.

Why do we do this? At MDigitalLife, we are dedicated to helping people understand, engage, and activate the online health ecosystem. Our clients use this type of analysis and information to help them better understand the market before a product launch, get insight into online behavior for clinical trial recruitment, inform decisions about what content will resonate best with which audiences and to inform and target media planning, to name a few.

Coinciding with our appearance at the SxSW Interactive Health & MedTech Expo, the launch of MDigitalLife Snapshot enables anyone who works in healthcare to leverage these personalized insights. The Snapshot synthesizes data from Twitter over the last year as posted by key healthcare stakeholders, structured based on your own specifications.

Create Your Own Snapshot!

We’ll ask you just a few simple questions to customize your Snapshot:

  • Your Twitter account
  • Your role in the online health ecosystem (e.g., Physician, Patient, etc. Most of us will fit into the catch-all category: Non-Clinical Healthcare Role)
  • A topic you’re interested in (e.g., healthcare investment or diabetes)
  • Where you live in the world.

Snapshot will then show you how different stakeholders are participating in online conversations within each of those contexts.

The completed capsule has multiple tabs, each giving you deeper insight into the topics or location you choose. The first tab shows your place in the ecosystem – displaying a network of the 25 most connected individuals or organizations who you are following or who are following you. Not only do you get to see your connections, you also see how the people in your network are connected to one another. (Note that if you don’t have any healthcare followers from the MDigitalLife Ecosystem, it will show a sample graph of 25 connected individuals.)

Next you’ll select which type of stakeholder you are.

The second tab is all about understanding the topics that stakeholder group cares about and the individuals in the group who are influential. There are a few widgets that will give you insight into what is happening in that group. A timeline displaying volume of conversation for key health topics can help you understand when stakeholders are most engaged with your topic. If you see a spike, there’s likely a related conference or a news event driving conversations. If you click on the topics, you can isolate that specific time trend. The “Most Ecosystem Followers” widget shows the top people in the selected stakeholder group who have the most followers within the health ecosystem. You can also see who the group follows most, what accounts (people, media etc.,) are mentioned the most, what domains they link to and what hashtags they use the most.

The next step enables you to choose a topic you’re interested in and see how all stakeholder groups are engaged with that topic. This creates the third tab that gives you the same categories of information but from a topical lens. The top people on this tab are the top people who are engaged in the conversation and followed by the most stakeholders across the health ecosystem. Again, you can click on the time trend and see the difference in conversational volumes on the selected topic by different stakeholder groups.

The last tab is a look into how the conversation changes specific to the geography you choose and who is most mentioned, most followed etc., across the entire geographic region.

Finally, for the last stage, we’ll leverage proprietary software from NextWorks to create your own personal, embeddable microsite called a “content capsule.” To make your MDigitalLife Snapshot usable as your own “digital business card,” be sure to enter information like your title, company and links to your social sites just like the example above and those below. [NOTE: This is not required, but is part of what makes the final view of the content capsule an excellent “digital business card” and snapshot of your engagement and interest in the digital health space.]

Please note that this is a beta product that we are continuing to iterate and improve on – so we’d love your feedback as you build and view your capsule! Tweet us (@MDigitalLife) or email us with your feedback and thoughts or tag us as you share your capsule!

Follow me on Twitter at @kaylarodrigue11 – and check out my MDigitalLife Snapshot below: