We know the health ecosystem.

We create completely custom analytics, content, engagement plans and strategy for each client, so we welcome your complex needs. If you want to understand or engage the healthcare ecosystem, MDigitalLife is the most thorough, expert team in the world. Requests generally fall into the following four families.

Product Launch / Promotion


  • Find out what’s being said about your product or your market by the entire health ecosystem
    • Sentiment, volume, and key themes
  • Decide who to invite to your conferences or events, based on weight of influence
  • Understand how my current programs are impacting:  physician prescribing behaviors, patient purchasing, advocates, the healthcare industry, and media
  • Identify media outlets your stakeholders value, based entirely on our analytics


  • Educate and influence physicians, patients, advocates or the healthcare industry
    • Convince physicians to share information about my product with their peers
    • Identify potential stakeholders for research
    • Activate social media
    • Find a more direct outlet for my physician/targeted paid media
  • Enhance the effectiveness of my advisory board and/or spokespeople
  • Correct misconceptions about a therapeutic area or disease state
  • 10.3M impressions across Facebook, Twitter and premium sites

  • 21K traffic to landing page

  • Twitter wrote a “best practice” blog post on campaign


KOL Identification

  • Audience architecture:  in layman’s terms, who can help your brand move forward?
    • Physicians
    • Media
    • Advocates
    • Patients
    • Bloggers (who don’t fit into other categories)
  • Award-winning analytics inform the foundation of all research
    • 100% custom data sets built to hone in on your target market
    • MDigitalLife is known for true analytics, rather than vanity metrics, and we’re happy to share our complex methodology
  • Proprietary algorithm to identify social influencers
    • Reach (How big is their network?)
    • Relevance (Are their topics connected to your brand?)
    • Resonance (Is their content amplified? Is it shared by the right people?)
  • Find speakers/panelists for my patient advocacy roadshow
  • Identify important stakeholders for market research
  • 12,772 engagements

  • 3,974 clicks

  • $0.78/click cost (Twitter average CPC was $2-3)


Clinical Trial Recruitment

  • Identify patient populations as participants
  • Identify physicians to serve as primary investigators

Reputation Management

  • Starts with benchmarking conversation around your product or brand
  • Moves into content and engagement that will drive the conversation in a more positive direction
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