Before we conclude the 2017 MDigitalLife internship program, we find it only fitting to recap and recall the experiences as well as the new knowledge acquired throughout the summer. Thanks to the amazing MDigitalLife team, these novel insights were nothing but positive as well as catalytic to the development of our careers. We were also able to put our new skills to the test during our intern project, which required each team of interns to develop an efficient campaign for an American multinational biotechnology company. It’s safe to say this was an amazing experience! Though each of us had a different role within MDigitalLife, in one way or another we all contributed to the accomplishment of each other’s tasks. This, in a nut-shell, embodies the work environment that enabled us to learn the importance of community, communication, and how to #MakeItHappen.


If I have learned anything from my internship experience within the analytics of MDigitalLife and W2O Group it’s to always go the extra mile because #WhySuck? Throughout these past 10 weeks, I have observed the individuals that operate the internal workings of a trend setting marketing firm within the Healthcare Industry and learned as much as I can about their roles. This entailed me bombarding the team with questions such as “what’s a health ecosystem?”,  “who are the thundercats?” (MDL Analytics inside joke), and “why do influencers matter?”. As I received many helpful insights and answers to my inquires, I not only realized the dedicated and kind spirit of the MDigitalLife team but also the extremely unique accomplishments of this analytics pioneer. I began this internship with next to no knowledge of, what would be my task as an intern here, “tribe building”. With much help from the MdigitalLife staff and Brittany Pearson (a well experienced tribe builder and 3rd-year intern at W2O group) I began to get the hang of things. I would soon come to learn that this process consists of organizing people and organizations in the health ecosystem into panels or “tribes” (such as physicians, patients, advocacy, organizations, reporters, etc.) while inputting their different taxonomies, such as their “geography” or “therapeutic area”. These data uploads are what makes the MDigitallife’s health ecosystem, well, the health ecosystem.  The distinct taxonomies within the health ecosystem enables our analysis and data scientists to strategically target the most relevant stakeholders in their client’s potential and current audiences.  It is safe to say that after many weeks of understanding the different taxonomies and specializations, I can now consider myself somewhat of a master at the art of building tribes. After all, #WhySuck?


The greatest thing I have gained from working as an intern in MDigitalLife was a great deal of personal wisdom. When I first set foot as an intern in this office on May 15th, I felt like I was still an inexperienced, naïve student, anxious and clueless about how the corporate environment operated and unconfident in my own abilities to create astounding, innovative work.

My primary role as an intern in the MDigitalLife team was to create web-based data visualizations and analytics tools to help analysts gain insight into data. My first project as I had entered MDigitalLife was to create a network visualization tool to visualize Twitter relationships among different MDigitalLife stakeholders. This project taught me to put my ego aside and always remember that the customer comes first, even if their requirements clash with your vision. My second project was a geographic map of connections among physicians in Europe, which was featured in an MDigitalLife blog post seen here: This project taught me that with hard work and perseverance, recognition will come in time. My final and largest project was creating an interactive dashboard to visualize the MDigitalLife database for the W2O Group executive team and Board of Directors. This project taught me the real meaning of putting my nose to the grindstone and was a real test of my perseverance, work ethic, and commitment. Just a few days before the project was due, I stayed in the office until 1AM in the morning trying to fix a crucial software bug.

However, as a result of the unerring support of the MDigitalLife team and my own hard work and perseverance, I was able to see my own talents manifest as meaningful contributions towards the company. One person whom I can greatly attribute to keeping me motivated throughout the whole journey, even when waters got rough, and I almost felt like giving up, was my manager @DrYashGad, who constantly kept pushing me to stretch my abilities and reach my fullest potential. At the end of this internship, I walk out feeling not only that I attained a plethora of knowledge and skills that I can use for the rest of my career but also like a whole new person who can trust himself, his abilities, and his potential to create.



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