Good Scout Group and MDigitalLife define cancer center supporters’ unique brand affinities, key interests and lifestyle preferences


In an innovative new study conducted by social good consultancy, Good Scout Group in partnership with MDigital Life, constituent data from the top 50 cancer centers across the U.S. reveals the specific brand affinities, key interests and lifestyle preferences of cancer center constituents. The report’s deep dive into the psychographics of cancer center supporters offers direct comparisons on how the cancer center supporter differs from the average philanthropist. According to Good Scout Group and MDigital Life’s Decoding the Cancer Center Constituent report, the cancer center constituent is generally wealthy, educated and liberal and has highly-specific interests and brand affinities.

In regards to retail habits, the study finds that cancer center constituents’ brand affinities suggest that they are technologically-savvy with an international perspective, and frequently interact with their local pharmacies. They take a significant interest in their own personal fitness, with a particular affinity for running. In addition to health-related news outlets, constituents turn to healthcare organizations and hospitals as trusted sources for health information. Amongst their top influencers are the New England Journal of Medicine, the Cleveland Clinic and the American Cancer Society.

“As we analyzed conversations around health-related ‘diseases’ within this data set, we found that constituents are not focused exclusively on cancer as a primary topic,” states the Decoding the Cancer Center Constituent report. “They are also interested in other health-related ‘diseases’, such as:

1.    Breast Cancer
2.    HIV
3.    Autism
4.    Obesity
5.    Cancer Awareness”

“Good Scout has a rich history in advising hospitals and cancer centers with their cause marketing and corporate alliance strategies,” said Maureen Carlson, President of Good Scout. “The data in our study will not only give the healthcare sector more information to create their smarter story when working with new and existing corporate partners, but can also be used to strengthen all clinical and development marketing and outreach messages to have a positive impact on fundraising in general and brand resonance.”

For more information on the methodology and specific findings, download Decoding the Cancer Center Constituent:

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