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ASCO’s annual meeting continues to play a major role in the advancement of cancer research and education. Year after year we see the brightest minds and most cutting edge research presented, discussed and disseminated. As we’ve discussed in The Social Oncology Project Report (click here to download last year’s edition), the discussion and dissemination element of the annual meeting has naturally evolved beyond in person connections, or “In Real Life” (IRL) as you may see on social, to a strong and growing conversation online. To this end, ASCO launched the Featured Voices program in 2014 to call out a small group of select attendees who share info from the meeting in real time.

The Featured Voices are volunteers, not official ASCO tweeters, who have been given the stamp of approval by ASCO. Earlier this month, ASCO shared the official list of Featured Voices for the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting in an easy to follow Twitter List. If you are at all interested in Oncology, we highly recommend following this list and the #ASCO17 hashtag for an up to date feed of ASCO content.

To ascertain how connected this year’s Featured Voices are within relevant online conversations, we looked at how many times they’ve been mentioned within the MDigitalLife Online Health Ecosystem over the past year. These mentions have been built into an interactive visualization that you can explore – note that the Featured Voices are the bright pink nodes. To explore the visualization in detail, click here.

Taking a quick glance at the network, you can quickly see certain voices have amassed their own small clusters in the online conversation. We see strong tight-knit conversational networks around Michael Thompson (@MTMDPhD), Sumanta Pal (@MontyPal) and Toni Choueiri (@DrChoueiri) and it is evident that all Featured Voices are well connected among the Health Ecosystem. Play around with the visualization yourself here and let us know what you think!

We dive deeper into the online ASCO community and the HCPs who lead the conversation in our 2017 Social Oncology Project Report. The report features never-before-seen comparisons between oncologists who are active on social media and those who aren’t. Click the link below to download the full report.

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