MDigitalLife is an end-to-end solution for Understanding, Engaging and Activating the online health ecosystem, allowing users to track & leverage digital trends for the healthcare audiences they care about: the evolution of topics, language, behavior & influence.

The MDigitalLife Health Ecosystem maps online behavior, showing the digital footprints (social accounts, blogs, websites, etc.) of more than 715,000 stakeholders in the online health ecosystem worldwide (including doctors, patients, advocacy organizations, reporters & media outlets among many others). We are the first to link physicians’ online content to their national physician registry records allowing us to connect prescribing data, referral patterns, medical school information, & geographic location, among other factors, to physician’s online presences to gain insights into the networks, relationships, and social activities of online physicians. Our knowledge of the entire online health ecosystem allows our clients to understand their audience at a level never before possible. 

MDigitalLife Ecosystem Compare

The MDigitalLife Ecosystem Compare is a demonstration of W2O Group’s social analytics capabilities created for the Digital Pharma East 2016 Conference. You can easily choose 2 companies who are participating in Digital Pharma East and compare twitter conversation volume from the MDigitalLife Health Ecosystem about each brand, identify top associated keywords and view a visualization of the top followers in their twitter network.


Ecosystem Conversation Volume

The Ecosystem Conversation Volume plot shows mentions of the chosen brand, all brand associated Twitter handles identified, and brand products separated by stakeholder group in the MDigitalLIfe Health Ecosystem.

Top Associated Keywords

The Top Associated Keywords plot shows the most frequently mentioned terms over time in MDigitalLIfe Health Ecosystem conversation about the chosen brand.

Ecosystem Followers

The Ecosystem Followers Visualization shows the top 25 MDigitalLife Ecosystem handles following the brand and how they are connected to the brand and each other. The legend shows total MDL Ecosystem followers by key stakeholder group.