“Leveraging Events for Organizational Change”: O’Dwyer’s

Agencies and brands are in an excellent position to bring together partners across industries to foster collaboration and open up new opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Hosting a summit with [...]

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“Somebody’s Watching You: Meet the Tweet Trackers of the Social Oncology Project”: ASCO Post

In a one-story concrete industrial building across the street from a lumberyard in Austin, Texas, Greg Matthews and his computers are tracking everything that more than 500,000 U.S.-based physicians post [...]

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“How Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative will Change Healthcare Marketing”: MM&M

It's time to update the healthcare regulatory framework. According to comments made by President Obama at the White House's Precision Medicine Initiative summit on Thursday, that framework “was designed for [...]

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“Is Twitter a Reliable Source for Cancer Information from Physicians?”: Cure Today

Some physicians share information about cancer on Twitter. But is it reliable? A recent analysis shows compelling insights about physician cancer tweets, according to The 2015 MDigitalLife's Social Oncology Project [...]

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“Measles Outbreak Story Broken by Doctor, Not Media”: Medpage Today

Who hasn't seen this news, about the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland? Since the story broke on Jan. 6, doctors have shared over 4,000 links to other articles and sites [...]

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“The ‘Angelina Effect’ in Four Charts”: Huffington Post

When Angelina Jolie came out last month and announced her double mastectomy in a heartfelt New York Times piece, the reaction was swift and unsurprising. Jolie made the cover of [...]

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“Tracking cancer conversations online: The Social Oncology Project 2013”: KevinMD

As some 30,000 doctors, patient advocates, healthcare companies and journalists descended on Chicago for ASCO, there was a great deal of anticipation about what new research would be presented, and [...]

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“Kaiser Permanente on Understanding the Social Doctor”: 33 Charts

This week Kaiser Permanente hosted an event at the Center for Total Health to release the results of a new study looking at physician conversations on social platforms.  Graciously supported [...]

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“Health care Twitter all over the map”: Politico

Lawmakers, doctors and journalists send out tweets by the millions on health care and health reform — but the three groups don’t have the same take on Twitter, according to [...]

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MD Twitter-base may help ID KOLs: MM&M

Pharmas considering doctors with large Twitter followings as speakers' bureau candidates may have noticed that it's not easy to parse a doc's online identity in Twitter's 140-character world. A [...]

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