Project Description

Case Study


Our client was adamant about informing the general public and hospital nurses about the extreme dangers of reusable blood pressure cuffs, which can pass bacteria from one patient to the next in hospitals. They only wanted to reach nurses and HCPs in three DMAs – SF Bay Area, Phoenix AZ and St. Louis.


We scraped Twitter to find nurses and HCPs in those three DMAs. The criteria we used: Did they self identify in their bio or Twitter handle? Did they share more than “3” nursing related content in the last 3 months? Were they following at a minimum of “3” nursing-related Twitter handles? Were they active on Twitter for the last 3 months?

Launched very targeted 2-month campaign, using custom audiences on Twitter and targeting the nursing population in all three DMAs, using promoted posts and consistent follower and engagement strategy. We also tagged nursing influencers on all creative content shared from the Twitter handle.


This campaign was launched in June 2015 and in two short months, their Twitter account grew to almost 1K followers; all of which are their target audience.

The campaign was promoted using Promoted Tweets, Facebook Ads and Content Syndication. Total campaign impressions amounted to 10.3M across Facebook, Twitter and premium publisher sites and total traffic to campaign landing page was 21K visits.

In addition, Twitter took notice of the campaign and wrote a “best practice” blog post on the @CleanCuffs paid Twitter strategy and tactics.

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