Project Description

Case Study


Our client commissioned a survey of patients focused on connected healthcare and the patient experience. It was intent on getting the survey results in front of three highly-qualified audiences:  Physicians, Health IT/Media Influencers and EHR Executives to drive awareness for the need to transform the healthcare experience through new digital practices.


In order to increase qualified awareness, we identified targeting parameters on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that allowed campaign content to be served to the intended target audiences. Once proper targeting parameters had been identified, we drove traffic that consisted of individuals in our three targeting segments to the survey landing page in order to quantify survey awareness.


The paid Twitter campaign was an absolute success. Using our highly targeted custom target audience list gleaned from our Analytics, MDigitalLife was able to drive meaningful traffic while keeping CPC rates at a fraction of the typical cost. We created content that reached goal-blasting engagement levels, including 3,974 clicks at a $0.78/click cost (Twitter average CPC is $2-3) and 12,772 engagements.

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