“How Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative will Change Healthcare Marketing”: MM&M

It's time to update the healthcare regulatory framework. According to comments made by President Obama at the White House's Precision Medicine Initiative summit on Thursday, that framework “was designed for another era of medicine.” (One [...]

A precision medicine approach to the online health ecosystem

“The future of precision medicine will enable health care providers to tailor treatment and prevention strategies to people’s unique characteristics, including their genome sequence, microbiome composition, health history, lifestyle, and diet.”  -The Precision Medicine Initiative, [...]

Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – their Physician peers

This is the 3rd of 4 posts in our updated series - Who doctors ACTUALLY follow, 2016 edition. The first two posts can be found here: Who doctors ACTUALLY follow - February 2016 - Media [...]

Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – The Reporters

***UPDATE: This post has been updated to include a graphic showing the top 10 journalists followed by US doctors; it's below.*** Last Friday I introduced the updated version of our "Who Doctors Actually Follow" series by [...]

Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – February 2016

Readers of this blog are already familiar with my disdain for unscientifically generated "top 100" style lists (except when I'm on them, of course). So in the spring of 2014, we published a series of [...]

Scoring online networks – and why ASH and ASCO are better

Network Scoring for 2015 Healthcare Conferences Earlier this week, I wrote a post explaining why size and reach are metrics too crude to really evaluate the effectiveness and importance of online networks, [...]

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