Who are the Hematologists Most Followed by Global Hematologists?

Yesterday we released a list of the Top 10 Hematologists Most Followed by US Hematologists. To follow that up we dug a bit deeper and identified the Top 10 US Hematologists & Top 10 ExUS [...]

Understanding Online Physician-Patient Conversation Webinar

  Our Managing Director & Founder, Greg Matthews (@chimoose) led a webinar discussing the evolution of online interactions between patients and Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and what healthcare companies need to know to stay ahead of [...]

“Leveraging Events for Organizational Change”: O’Dwyer’s

Agencies and brands are in an excellent position to bring together partners across industries to foster collaboration and open up new opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Hosting a summit with the right audience can encourage [...]

Social Media and the War on Cancer

Yesterday I posted about Gilles Frydman and Sanjeev Arora, MD - the two gentlemen with whom I'll share the stage at today's The Economist's War on Cancer Conference. How numbers empower the War on Cancer [...]

How numbers empower the War on Cancer

New medicines, immunotherapy, moonshots ... there are all kinds of tactics and weapons being used to beat cancer. You may not have thought about numbers as an empowering weapon in the war on cancer, but tomorrow [...]

We deserve better than ‘impressions’ in healthcare social media analytics

"Healthcare social media analytics doesn't need to be 10 years behind, like everything else in healthcare." - @DanaMLewis #MedX Today, I issued a challenge at Stanford's Medicine X conference: we should demand better with social media [...]

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