Medical Twitterstorm Shows Doctors’ Passion for their Favorite Online Platform

What happens when a highly respected physician, noted for his ferocious passion for evidence-based medicine, writes a blog post denigrating physicians who use twitter? What if that same vociferous defender of science and the scientific [...]

Hey W2O, #LetsHang !

Before we conclude the 2017 MDigitalLife internship program, we find it only fitting to recap and recall the experiences as well as the new knowledge acquired throughout the summer. Thanks to the amazing MDigitalLife team, [...]

Why Gwyneth Paltrow – and the New York Times – should take Dr. Jen Gunter seriously

Jennifer Gunter, MD - @DrJenGunter There was an interesting piece published in the Style section of the New York Times this weekend; I was tipped to it by Bryan Vartabedian (Jen Gunter | [...]

European physicians embody cross-border engagement

This year's Social Oncology Project report focused exclusively on US oncologists so that we could overlay all of the rich data that was available to explore possible correlations in online and offline behavior. However, we [...]

The Social Oncology Project 2017

This is the fifth edition of The Social Oncology Project, our annual examination of the role that social media plays in the discussion of cancer. Past efforts have focused largely on the question of “what”: [...]

Excitement builds for ASCO17

As we lead in to the 2017 congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (which opens on 2 June, 2017), we wanted to share a bit of "snackable content" - which clearly shows that [...]

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