MMMTop40LogoMedical Marketing and Media just published the 2017 version of their Top 40 Healthcare Transformers list. I always look forward to this list, because even though I expect to recognize some of the honorees, there are many more who are new to me.

It often seems that such lists are simple vanity vehicles for the people on this list (and there is no question that it is an honor to be nominated by your peers and selected by MM&M’s outstanding editorial staff). But if we look a little more deeply, this list has more to tell us. If these people are truly influential and important in the world of Healthcare (and we have every reason to believe that they are), then what they do and say online should be instructive to us about the people, topics and trends that are most important to understand.

Of the top 40, I was able to identify 22 who had twitter accounts – which means that they’ve elected to tell us a little bit about who they are and what they value.

For today, I’m going to focus on the PEOPLE component; specifically the people that these 22 influencers follow on twitter. We pulled the friends list (twitter lingo for “people you follow”) for each of these people (well over 1,000 handles were followed by at least 2 of these 22 people) and looked at the ones they collectively follow the most. When we did that, a few interesting patterns emerged. First, we can see that this group (who mostly work in healthcare companies that we’d categorize as “Industry”) heavily follow others in that space – as well as healthcare professionals from around the world, media outlets, journalists, etc.

It’s also instructive, of course, to look more deeply at that list of common friends – a group I’m proud to be a member of, albeit at number 335.

MMM Top 40


This list is a pretty valuable thing as well; if our influencers believe that these handles are worth following, we should probably pay attention ourselves. I’ve shared the top 101 people and organizations who are followed by at least 5 of the 22; you can find it in a twitter list that’s contained in the widget below. Don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’d like to know more about how to gain value from the online behavior of those who influence public opinion in healthcare; it’s what we do here at MDigitalLife.

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