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Steven Cutbirth has served in numerous roles in the health and technology sectors, while helping to grow startups from discovery to scale and consulting with Healthcare Professionals on the proper utilization of technical advancements in Health Practices. Steven currently serves as the MDigitalLife Operations Lead.
2 June, 2017

Exploring ASCO’s Featured Voices

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Note: If you’d like to be the first to receive the 2017 Social Oncology Project report, be sure to complete the form at the bottom of this post! ASCO's annual [...]

6 December, 2016

Who are the Hematologists Most Followed by Global Hematologists?

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Yesterday we released a list of the Top 10 Hematologists Most Followed by US Hematologists. To follow that up we dug a bit deeper and identified the Top 10 US [...]

2 November, 2016

Understanding Online Physician-Patient Conversation Webinar

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  Our Managing Director & Founder, Greg Matthews (@chimoose) led a webinar discussing the evolution of online interactions between patients and Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and what healthcare companies need to [...]

4 October, 2016

“Leveraging Events for Organizational Change”: O’Dwyer’s

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Agencies and brands are in an excellent position to bring together partners across industries to foster collaboration and open up new opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Hosting a summit with [...]

5 August, 2016

Diagnosing the Online Zika Outbreak

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(This blog was co-published on W2Ogroup.com) The recent Zika infection of 14 people in a Florida community near Miami – the first case of U.S. transmission from local mosquitoes – has [...]

4 March, 2016

Join MDigitalLife at SXSW 2016

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It is hard to believe but it's time for the wild and crazy tech-music-film (and health!) bonanza that is SXSW. If you have attended in the past you understand how [...]

25 February, 2015

MDigitalLife at SXSW 2015

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Yes, there will be lots of Texas BBQ at #SXSW2O this year! Aaron Strout, my colleague at W2O Group (our parent company) recently published his preview of the [...]

5 November, 2014

Diabetes Awareness Efforts Affect Physician Conversation

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In case you didn’t know, November is American Diabetes Month®. So we at MDigitalLife thought it would only be fitting to dig into our plethora of data to see what [...]

12 May, 2014

The MDigitalLife Top 5: Who Doctors ACTUALLY follow – Physicians Edition

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This is the final post in a 5-part series: Part 1, The MDigitalLife Top 5: Who Doctors ACTUALLY follow - Media Edition Part 2, The MDigitalLife Top 5: Who Doctors ACTUALLY follow - Reporters Edition Part [...]