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10 April, 2014

Med School Madness Final Four: Team Stats

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Most of the readers of this blog are aware that the MDigitalLife team has been learning from physicians’ online behavior for over a year now. What you may not have noticed is [...]

10 April, 2014

UPenn ousts Temple in a heated battle; Med School Madness 2014 continues!

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When we announced the Med School Madness 2014 tourney last week, I knew that things would get heated* … but I didn’t think that it would happen quite this fast. [...]

10 April, 2014


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10 April, 2014

MDigitalLife Videos

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4 June, 2013

“The ‘Angelina Effect’ in Four Charts”: Huffington Post

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When Angelina Jolie came out last month and announced her double mastectomy in a heartfelt New York Times piece, the reaction was swift and unsurprising. Jolie made the cover of [...]

2 June, 2013

“Tracking cancer conversations online: The Social Oncology Project 2013”: KevinMD

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As some 30,000 doctors, patient advocates, healthcare companies and journalists descended on Chicago for ASCO, there was a great deal of anticipation about what new research would be presented, and [...]

3 March, 2013

“Kaiser Permanente on Understanding the Social Doctor”: 33 Charts

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This week Kaiser Permanente hosted an event at the Center for Total Health to release the results of a new study looking at physician conversations on social platforms.  Graciously supported [...]

26 February, 2013

“Health care Twitter all over the map”: Politico

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Lawmakers, doctors and journalists send out tweets by the millions on health care and health reform — but the three groups don’t have the same take on Twitter, according to [...]

23 February, 2013

First-of-Its-Kind Study by Kaiser Permanente Examines Gaps in How Physicians, Media and Policymakers Talk About Health

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Analysis of more than two million online health-related conversations highlights varied approaches to health care February 26, 2013 OAKLAND, Calif. — Kaiser Permanente has released the results of a [...]

30 November, 2012

MD Twitter-base may help ID KOLs: MM&M

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Pharmas considering doctors with large Twitter followings as speakers' bureau candidates may have noticed that it's not easy to parse a doc's online identity in Twitter's 140-character world. A [...]