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Behind the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers of 2017 List

Medical Marketing and Media just published the 2017 version of their Top 40 Healthcare Transformers list. I always look forward to this list, because even though I expect to recognize [...]

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Social Media and the War on Cancer

Yesterday I posted about Gilles Frydman and Sanjeev Arora, MD - the two gentlemen with whom I'll share the stage at today's The Economist's War on Cancer Conference. How numbers [...]

How numbers empower the War on Cancer

New medicines, immunotherapy, moonshots ... there are all kinds of tactics and weapons being used to beat cancer. You may not have thought about numbers as an empowering weapon in the [...]

Behind the 2016 HIT100 List

  The 2016 version of the #HIT100 list was released a few weeks ago, and published on Healthcare IT News (#HIT100: See the crowdsourced list of health IT experts on [...]

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Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – their Physician peers

This is the 3rd of 4 posts in our updated series - Who doctors ACTUALLY follow, 2016 edition. The first two posts can be found here: Who doctors ACTUALLY follow [...]

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Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – The Reporters

***UPDATE: This post has been updated to include a graphic showing the top 10 journalists followed by US doctors; it's below.*** Last Friday I introduced the updated version of our "Who [...]

Who doctors ACTUALLY follow – February 2016

Readers of this blog are already familiar with my disdain for unscientifically generated "top 100" style lists (except when I'm on them, of course). So in the spring of 2014, [...]

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Scoring online networks – and why ASH and ASCO are better

Network Scoring for 2015 Healthcare Conferences Earlier this week, I wrote a post explaining why size and reach are metrics too crude to really evaluate the effectiveness [...]

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The 9 next generation metrics to measure the effectiveness of an online network

Last month, MDigitalLife Lead Analyst Kayla Rodriguez introduced a new network scoring algorithm intended to take conference and conversation metrics beyond the blunt instruments of size and so-called "reach." [The [...]

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Connecting the Health Ecosystem, or Why I’m thrilled to work with Dana Lewis

We all know that social media has changed the way the world communicates about health - you needn't look any farther than Anjelina Jolie introducing the world to the BRCA [...]

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