ExUS Asco QuoteAfter working for the past 18 months to grow the MDigitalLife database to over 240,000 US physicians with a mapped digital footprint, our team is ready for the next evolution. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be launching MDigitalLife Global this Thursday at the Doctors 2.0 conference in Paris.

To introduce the topic, I thought that it’d be fun to do a bit of a wrap-up on the recently concluded ASCO conference (the American Society of Clinical Oncology – #ASCO14 – the world’s largest medical meeting) through the eyes of the world’s physicians. This material is explored more deeply in the soon-to-be-released appendix to the MDigitalLife Social Oncology Project 2014 Report.

ASCO has had a growing backchannel for years … and 2014 was no exception. In our analysis of the physicians participating by using the #ASCO14 hashtag, we saw that there were 162 doctors from 36 countries who shared 1,274 tweets using the #ASCO14 hashtag in the 1-week period between May 27 and June 3. 260 US physicians tweeted 5,209 times during the same timeframe.

ASCO2014 - Physician Tweets by Day

ASCO2014 – Physician Tweets by Day

Of the 36 (non-US) countries who had doctors participating in the ASCO conversation, Canada was the leader, with 27 doctors participating.

Ex-US Countries with the most physician participation in #ASCO14

Ex-US Countries with the most physician participation in #ASCO14


Canada and UK had only 3 and 2% of their tweeting docs participating, whereas 9% of irelands tweeting physicians participated.

During that same 7-day period, the most active tweeting physicians were Australian oncologist Christopher Steer (384 tweets), Belgian hematologist/oncologist Philippe Aftimos (147) and Venezuelan oncologist Maria Virginia Rojas (55). At least as interesting, though, is who the doctors were tweeting about – in other words, who captured their attention enough to either retweet (RT) or engage through an @-mention.

Most-mentioned handles by Ex-US physicians at #ASCO14

Most-mentioned handles by Ex-US physicians at #ASCO14

Thanks to all of the physicians who have made sharing information about treating cancer such a priority – it’s truly encouraging to know that there are so many doctors around the world who are out there making a difference – and sharing their insights with the rest of us.

Remember to watch this space for updates on our analysis – and more importantly be sure to watch the hashtag #Doctors20 on June 5 and 6 to monitor all the action from the Doctors 2.0 conference.