Who We Are

MDigitalLife is an end-to-end solution for Understanding, Engaging and Activating the online health ecosystem, allowing users to track & leverage digital trends for the healthcare audiences they care about: the evolution of topics, language, behavior & influence.

Our client list includes the largest and most innovative companies across the spectrum in healthcare, including 70% of the world’s top pharmaceutical firms.

We help optimize and target the effectiveness of clients’ programs in marketing communications, clinical trial recruitment, risk and reputation management and investor relations.

Our 3 Differentiators

MDigitalLife offers a combination of knowledge, process and resources never before seen in healthcare marketing.

Health Ecosystem Mapping

We’re best known for our ecosystem, but that’s just our foundation.

MDigitalLife maps online behavior, showing the digital footprints (social accounts, blogs, websites, etc.) of more than 715,000 stakeholders in the online health ecosystem worldwide (including doctors, patients, advocacy organizations, reporters & media outlets among many others). We are the first to link physicians’ online content to their national physician registry records allowing us to connect prescribing data, referral patterns, medical school information, & geographic location, among other factors, to physician’s online presences to gain insights into the networks, relationships, and social activities of online physicians. Our knowledge of the entire online health ecosystem allows our clients to understand their audience at a level never before possible. Today, this is the data we are tracking:


ACEs Model

We started purely as a data / analytics agency, but we’ve grown into a much larger partnership, thanks to our award-winning ACEs model.

Group 1Analytics

Data is the foundation of everything we do. Without true analytics, you will spend more to push out a less effective message.

Want to know…?

  • Top Influencers
  • Top Passion Areas
  • What Content
  • What Channels

Group CContent

Deliverables are the heart of every campaign. We provide recommendations for content, or produce it in-house.

Do you have the right content?

  • Foundation for Ongoing Content
  • Audience-friendly Topics
  • Process for Production


Here is where the measurable magic happens:  connect with the right people with the right content at the right time.

Are you relevant?

  • Existing Relationships
  • Internal Support for Engagement
  • Scalable Approach


A clear path is essential to moving forward. Proper planning costs less and gets better results than coasting or reacting to crises.

Have the fundamentals?

  • Message
  • Business Objectives
  • Measurement

Full Mar-Comms Agency Integration

For most healthcare clients working with any of these agencies, MDigitalLife is the first step in a longer partnership.

MDigital Life is part of the W2O Group’s network of complementary marketing, communications, research and development agencies, which gives us unbridled access to 5 full marketing and communications agencies: WCG, Twist, Sentient, Pure Communications & Marketeching.

Our analytics, content and strategy informs our sister agencies’ execution of PR campaigns, event planning, branding, video creation, social media campaigns, content strategy, business design, corporate and strategy, crisis communications, website development, and ad campaigns.

Meet Our Team

Greg Matthews
Greg MatthewsManaging Director, MDigitalLife
Greg Matthews is dedicated to the study and strategic evolution of online healthcare communications and is the creator of MDigitalLife. As a managing director at the W2O Group, Matthews is a strategic advisor to dozens of the largest and most successful healthcare companies in the world, including hospital systems, health insurers, pharma/ biotechmanufacturers, medical device companies, health IT companies, and consumer health companies. He also does extensive work with physicians to help them to activate their online networks in a safe, responsible and effective way. His ultimate goal is to elevate the dialog between all the players in the health ecosystem, resulting in better health outcomes for patients and populations.

Matthews is a regular public speaker, and his work has been featured in top-selling business books by authors such as Charlene Li (“Open Leadership”); Bill Taylor(“Practically Radical”) and Larry Weber (“Everywhere.”) and in publications such as Health Affairs, Business Insider, KevinMD, MedPage Today, MedCrunch and Medical Marketing and Media.

Matthews’ client list includes Amgen, 23 and Me, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech, GEHealthcare, Roche, Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, Johnson & Johnson, Merck,Surescripts, Availity, Texas Health Resources, Qualcomm Life and the Health DataConsortium.

Steven Cutbirth
Steven CutbirthOperations & Business Development
Steven Cutbirth specializes in working with clients to realize actionable insights from complex data sets, create insights based strategies, and act on those strategies through influencer outreach and engagement.

Through his work with the MDigitalLife team, Cutbirth works with dozens of the largest and most successful healthcare companies in the world, including hospital systems,health insurers, pharma/biotech manufacturers, medical device companies, health IT companies, and consumer health companies. His ultimate goal is to help clients improve healthcare for all by understanding how to utilize data insights from the health ecosystem.

Cutbirth’s client work includes Duke University Health, CVS Health, Bayer, Invitae, Galderma, Kaiser Permanente, Roche, Sanofi Pasteur, Actelion, and UCSF.

Kayla Rodriguez
Kayla RodriguezSenior Manager, Analytics
Yash Gad
Yash GadData Scientist
Rock Howard
Rock HowardData Scientist
Janelle Laqui
Janelle LaquiAssociate Analyst

Our Clients

You’ve probably already seen MDigitalLife’s work.

  • 70% of Big Pharma
  • Clients and/or campaigns in 75+ countries.
  • We work across the healthcare ecosystem (Pharma, Digital, Device & Dx, Payer, and Provider):
[MDigitalLife] knows more about what doctors are socially doing… than anyone in the free world.

Bryan Vartabedian, MD

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